For all Lightbearers everywhere

 One sleepless night  I was pondering

the many identities of the One we know as  

The Lord Jesus, The Christ

I  was thinking of Him in that Role and in my mind, speaking to Him as an old Friend and together we were reflecting on the Cosmic Work He also performs  as the Archangel Micah in the present Earth situations.

 Some days later these thoughts flowed into my mind.

August 4, 2004 

Dear Beloved Hearts of Light,

I speak to you to bring you 'good news and glad tidings' .

The 'appearance world', the world you see in all its many aspects, is not the world We see as we gaze out over the Planet.

 It is not the Spiritual Reality.

We see, super imposed over all that is working its way through the 'system of the Planet', the completed, Heavenly Earth, poised to become the Eternal Reality for this Planet.

We see  the Christ Self of all Constructive Souls, those embodied now or waiting to embody, eager to embrace the Way of Life of a New Age. All wait for the cleansing process, currently sweeping over the face of the Earth, to run its course. What is happening throughout the entire planet is a very  thorough 'house cleaning'. When it is completed, nothing of the old 'evil' will remain.

The Great Beings Who are in charge of the Evolution of the Planet have written upon a  clean slate. They have designed the New Paradigm, the New Pattern. It waits to be lowered into place as the old is removed.

 A completely new World awaits all who are prepared to

 continue their Soul Journey on Earth.

Many times throughout the ages, Earth has experienced such changes, although none so Cosmic as that which is to come. The Bible records two such periods. It tells of the world that was, before 'the flood' and the birthing of the world as it has been since the Flood and as it is becoming now.

This incoming Age is one of a High Spiritual Dimension, one where God will hold control and give the protection needed for all His Children Who choose to embody here. No longer will the constructive mankind of Earth be left unprotected.

Today it is for all who understand My Words to stay on Pathways of Light and for each one to focus on 'what is to come' rather than on what is presently seen.

Do not fear or doubt.

I Am One of  Many  Who are here to help mankind move forward into the Age of Light.

  Many know me today as' their Savior, 'Jesus'. I Am known  in various other Identities, always  a Spiritual Teacher, One  Who has embodied many, many  times, over thousands of years, coming to teach and to lead God's People in their Soul Journeying.

Many Children of the Light know me well indeed and many have been with me from the beginning of my Ancient Ministry.

Two thousand years ago I said to you,

'I will never leave you' and I never will.

And I said 'Follow me for 'I AM'  the Way'.....

My meaning was then and is now, that what I can teach you

 will lead you and assist you to your own Perfected Pathway.

Therefore, be of good cheer for all is well, all is very, very

 well. The Hand of God does indeed hold control for those

who will hold on to That Hand.

Be not confused by appearances. Go in Peace and walk

in Grace, the Embodiment of Cosmic Christ Love.

Never forget that 'I AM' with you always.





 Here, now, are more thoughts given to the Lightbearers by Beloved Jesus, the Archangel Micah through another Source.

Believe me when I say, your reason for existence is given by God alone.

When I walked upon the Earth as Master Jesus, I said "Leave all and follow me." Each one hears this command at the exact moment when you are ready to follow the Christ within your own heart.....

  Before We, in the Octaves of Light made Our Ascension, We came to the realization that We were not working only toward Our personal Ascension, but for the Planet as a whole.

Up to now, your preparation has been of the heart, and you are learning to listen with your hearts, giving full dominion to the Christ within. This was the reason for my incarnation as 'Jesus', to show you the way to let go of all of the human.....

The Flame of Freedom is anchored in the hearts of every man, woman and child evolving upon this precious Earth, and it is from within their hearts that Spiritual freedom shall be drawn forth into manifestation. This is the great and eternal truth you carry forward into the mass consciousness. It is the 'greater thing' that you shall do. How can you do this? You do it through knowing the Truth, becoming unified with the Truth, and exemplifying It, even as I have done before you! This is the inbreathing, absorbing, and expanding of all you will need to know, to project Spiritual Freedom into all life on the Earth. To exemplify Spiritual Freedom, you must be Spiritually free. Only then can you awaken It in the hearts of others.

You have returned to the Earth to activate the currents of Spiritual Freedom that you, yourselves, anchored into the Planet at various times and places, just as I did before you. While you may or may not remember right now, it is important that you know this, so you can call forth these Spiritual Energies to sustain the work you are doing, both individually and as a group.

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Lois J. Crawford

August 7, 2004


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