But first allow me to share these thoughts

Those we call Ascended Masters have been helping unascended

Souls from the time the first Soul Ascended and looked back to

 assist His fellow Souls. The One we know as 'Jesus' is an

 example of an Ascended  Soul....One who has come many

times  to assist His Brother and  Sister Souls on Earth.

On the other hand we are all examples of unascended Souls.

 Many of us have embodied many times and for many reasons.

 And most of us will in time, all 'ascend', that is we will live our Soul/Spirit

lives in Higher  Dimensions, never having to embody agian unless we choose

 to.And we will do it by raising the rate of vibration of our Energy. We will speed

 up the frequency of our Energy, Body and Soul. That will make it possible for

 us to live in Dimensions of Greater Spirituality to which our purer, Lighter Energy

 will be magnetized.

 It is encouraging to know that the Energy of the more Spiritual Dimensions,

 those beyond this third one, do not support the more often than not obscene

 nonsense, pain and destruction that is the daily fare of far too many people

 on Earth today. How many Souls are asleep to the Soul potential that exists many are stuck here trying to live good human lives, stuck in the

 low, slow, sluggish vibration doing only 'what comes naturally'?

 This has to change. And for a number of reasons.

 Two thousand years ago, the Ascended Hierarchy launched another Effort

 to awaken the human mind to the possibilities of 'something better' than

the day to day struggle humanity had been engaged in then, for already

thousands of years.

 People of that time were offered a new where activating

 the Christ Energy of the Heart, would lead to expressing Brotherhood (Love)

 towards one another. It was the first time (in a long time) that the Idea

 of the Brotherhood of Man was suggested to the world.

Two thousand years ago came the Instruction to give Recognition to the

'Christ Light within'...the Christ Light that was beating in every Heart.

 Enough of humanity understood the Message needed to sustain it. And today

 many of us understand that the Heart Energy expresses the Christness

needed to assist the human being to rise above the prevailing Ideas of the

 human mind, Ideas that all too often, then and now, express themselves as

 'control and abuse' of each other.

   For the last two thousand years, there have been those who were ready

 to live and grow within the Christ Consciousness offered to mankind then.

 There are many today who actively  live the Message and serve Life by

 keeping the Message alive....

Over the past two thousand years, all of this effort on the part of

many people (human/Soul Partnerships) has changed/raised and increased

 the vibration of the Energy of this third dimensional plane. Life has

 gradually changed for the better. Student of history see, in addition

to the great technological advances, there is a little less cruelty now than

 then....a little more focus on the Idea of Love and Brotherhood.

 We are making progress.

But a few minutes spent reading the newspaper tells us the people of the

 planet still have a long way to go.

  So let's think about this. In the past, if we did nothing to upgrade the

 'quality of our vibration', we continued to re-embody here, over and over

 again, re-doing old efforts, not making much Soul Progress. What we

 had were 'fractured Souls' coming and going, and humanly wondering "what's

it all about" and "is this all there is!"

But always a few were 'awakening' to some degree. And began to understand

 that "What it's all about" appears to be a very complicated and long story,

 a history of thousands and thousands of years. A History of A Mighty

Cosmic Mind. History that continues to effect us all as we embody here.

 Our part today is to Serve this Great Cosmic Mind, first by raising the

frequency of our Energy, which in turn raises the vibration of the Planet's

Energy to the level where, once and for all, all destructive etheric records

of that long and ancient history, are dissolved and consumed. And all Energy

 now vibrates and flows in Harmony with the Great Cosmic Mind.

That is the Service of the Enlightened Souls of today, Ascended and


Our human/Soul Lives play out in many places and situations, determined,

 in some part, by those ancient energies,  (vibrations) of places and situations

created in an ancient past, situations we may have created for ourselves.

 LET US BE AWARE THAT we Souls are magnetized to places, people and

 situations pre-ordained to the degree that we are still chained, in some

great or small way, to our past human/Soul thoughts, feelings and actions and

 to cultural or nationalistic Energy we may have absorbed or been involved

 with in any particular life experience.

For our 'Life' is a one long, continuous filament of Energy, from the time

 we became an individualized Unit of Creating Godness until today. Everything

we have ever done, said or thought during our long history is strung on

that Line of Energy like beads and that has determined the quality of our

Energy today.

However if today we can stay focused on our determination to move forward

and to grow Spiritually, our process is aided  by accepting and using Pure

Electronic Christed Light Substance 'charged' with....qualified with....

filled with....the Ascended Master Consciousness, the Consciousness

 (Mind of God) that 'knows' what we need to know to move forward. We aid

this Forward Process by drawing this powerful Energy into our lives by our

 Conscious Command...

We have to command this Action if it is to happen....if we are to move

 forward. No one does it for us. We have to unlock our chains.

 Let me describe my Understanding of the Action of the Law regarding

 this Pure Electronic Light Substance as follows:

There exists Pure Light Substance....

 think of It as 'Pure Christed Substance or Energy'.

And what we speak of here is that Energy from the Octaves of Light

which has the vibration, the radiation....that is CHARGED with....qualified

 with Ascended Master Consciousness....Consciously qualified Energy that

annot accept, that is, cannot be re-qualified....with imperfection of any

kind from anywhere.

It is very important that we understand this and as important to realize

why the Radiation of an Ascended Teacher is vital in our lives. When we are

 enfolded in the Light of an Ascended Teacher, we are impervious to

 all human consciousness. Think how important this is to our evolving process!

This is what the Master Jesus was telling us when He said, 'Remember me".

 For in 'remembering Him,

we are instantly enfolded in His Ascended Radiation

which can never be re-qualified with our human nonsense.

 That much of our Energy remains pure forever.

Thus we can decree that our 'I AM' Presence fill our Energy with 

Ascended Master Consciousness, we then knowing that:

 That Master Consciousness and Energy can never register human qualities 

of any kind. Ever. And that Substance and Consciousness from

the Ascended Masters' Octave of  Life is eternally unchangeable.

As human beings we can call our God Presence into action to do this....

to fill our minds, bodies, Beings and worlds full to overflowing with the

 Substance and Consciousness from the Ascended Master's Octave of Life,

 knowing our 'I AM' Presence goes to work immediately, to release a

'Blast of that Energy' instantly into, through and around the human/Soul-us.

We are instructed that when fifty-one percent of the Energy of our bodies

 and worlds becomes filled with the Ascended Master Consciousness, our

Energy has become filled with the Pure Substance from Their Octave of Life.

 Now Ascended Master Qualities, activities and manifestations will begin

 to rule in our lives.

We are blessed indeed if we can understand this....if we can realize how

important and powerful the Action of the Ascended Consciousness is in giving

us the 'God Direction' we all need in our daily activities.

As well as the Encouragement that spurs us on to complete any unfinished

projects of past and present. For then, at a certain point, when all is sufficiently

 under control, we are 'moved into situations' that allow us to take the next

 Spiritual Steps forward with One or More of the Ascended Hierarchy assisting

as our Guides and Teachers.

 This then becomes the 'answer' to the question, "it this all there is?".

We can see that the answer is "of course, not!" We simply remind ourselves,

 when in doubt, that 'God/Life', acting through our 'I AM' Presence, provides

all we, the human being and Soul Spark need...thus taking the 'guesswork' out

of daily life. We quite worrying about our next meal.  We do need to know the

Truth about ourselves,Body and Soul...we do need to know about our

Mighty 'I AM' Presence.

We need the Truth.

So in our time, Hierarchy ('all Levels of Greater Godness') are again at

Work giving us New Information....teaching us what we need to know to dig 

ourselves out of our deep human us Information needed to take

our next 'I AM' Soul Steps forward. Our responsibility is to remind ourselves

daily that what we often think of as a difficult human experience, is really 

the Journey of the Soul. And that we, the human-us (Mind, Emotions and Body)

we are the vehicle that We, the Christ Soul uses to go to work and walk the

 Pathway on Earth.



Therefore in hopes of hastening the Ascending Process for all, the pages that

 follow will contain certain Instruction of various of the Evolved and

 Ascended Masters with Whom many of us are very familiar. All These

 Blessed Ones are involved with humanity's Evolution, Body and Soul. I endeavor

 to quote Their Instruction as it was given through either Guy or Edna Ballard.

 Additionally, I share, if it serves a purpose and as a 'Lesson in Service' certain

 of the  Information that comes to me from Those Greater Ones Who teach me  

We need to be aware that all Light bearers are evolving to be Channels for Light

 to flow onto this planet.

It is time to be about the Father's Business


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