Guy W. Ballard

We come now to the last chapter of 'Unveiled Mysteries'.

 Chapter Nine


We pick up the adventure....

Weeks have passed after the events recorded in the last chapter.

 Then on the morning of December thirty first, nineteen hundred thirty, a message arrives from the Master Saint Germain saying He will call for Mr. Ballard that evening and he (GB) and Mrs. Ballard and their son, Donald will be guests of the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton at their New Year Assembly.

Mr. Ballard: 'I spent the remainder of the day in deep meditation. He (Saint Germain) arrived at seven o'clock and as I had already placed my physical body in bed, I stepped forth in the one (Body of Light) He had prepared for me.'

There follows the description of their traveling rapidly in Bodies of Light and of arriving at the Royal Teton and entering a great audience chamber where Mr. Ballard sees and greets his wife, Edna and son, Donald. There is a description of the ambiance of that great chamber ....the quality of Light, the fragrance of roses and lotus blossoms and the sweetest music that floated in from everywhere.

He (GB) sees a large object in the center of the room....it is covered with a golden cloth....there are many, rare musical instruments.

 For the New Year's work to be done, there were, in attendance, seventy five men and thirty five ladies and a Presiding Master, Who stepped forward and addressed them. He led them in a meditation asking all to pour out adoration unto the Great Light ( God) and to feel at 'One' with their own Divinity....and to know the 'Oneness' of Venus with Earth.

At the close of the meditation the Presiding Master stepped before a Great Mirror and extended His hands and a blaze of Light flashed forth upon it, revealing a group of people far in the distance.

They drew nearer and presently twelve Guests from Venus stood in their midst....seven men, one taller than the rest and five women, 'all extremely handsome'....with 'brilliant, piercing, violet-blue eyes'. The Tall Master gave the salutation, touching his heart and forehead with the finger tips of his right hand and bowed to the Presiding Master, Who responded as follows:

'In the Presence of the One Supreme God and those of the Great White Brotherhood assembled here, these twelve Guests from Venus are made Members of the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton.

The Tall Master was made Presiding Master for the evening. He stepped forward and caused the golden cloth to be removed from three crystal caskets that contained the sustained bodies used by the three Ballards in a previous embodiment.....

On a Great Mirror scenes were shown concerning the Earth and the many changes that will take place over the next seventy years. It was revealed that no matter what the appearance, a sinister force attempting to create chaos throughout the world, will be completely destroyed. And that when that is accomplished the mass of humanity will turn to God, and 'Peace shall reign on Earth and man will send out good will to man'!,

He spoke of the greatly increased outpouring of Cosmic Energy that occurs every twenty five hundred years and explained that this Light and Radiance is currently flooding the Earth, giving a forward impulse to the growth of the entire Earth and humanity.

He said that just preceding these Great outpourings extraordinary physical disturbances occur and general unrest is felt by the people and that this is due to the discord that has accumulated during the last of the preceding period. It is to cleanse this energy and bring humanity back to the Original Purity of Life that cataclysmic action takes place.

"We are approaching another such period and this time the release of the Great Cosmic Love, Wisdom and Energy, will not only quicken the minds of the race but the atomic structure of the Earth as well, making It (the Earth) more 'Luminous' in our solar system.

Never since these great Lords of the Flame came to Earth, have conditions permitted such a Great Outpouring to take place as will occur ere long. Many, who have seemed to become hardened by their former activities, will awaken as it were, almost over night, and feel the nearness of the Great God 'Presence' within each heart. Many, who have been meek and humble but holding close to the 'Inner Presence', will suddenly blaze forth, amazing themselves as well as others, by the Transcendent Light they will manifest. All will be done by the Power of God-Love, and humanity will truly begin to realize that it is the height of folly for one part of God's Creation to war against another part.

The desire to bless others instead of themselves will almost involuntarily enter into the hearts of mankind and send forth a 'Light' that will illumine the rest of the Way to Perfection.

Selfishness alone holds the children of this sphere in bondage.....but when the 'Light of the Christ' expands the 'Love in the Heart' selfishness flees.

Great natural physical changes will take place.

The Great Ascended Host will assist the children of Earth, hundreds of humanity will find their present physical bodies being quickened by the rapid raising of the vibratory rate..........

Beloved Children of Earth, you stand upon the Threshold of the Ages,

 Its door is being held open by the Great Ones of Love who ever invite you to walk consciously by their side in the 'Light'.

The cycles change and we enter a New Dispensation that brings with it a safer, more powerful and yet rapid means by which the one climbing the Path to Attainment is enabled to hold permanent contact with the Great Cosmic Light'.

** In this New Order, the discipline will be to focus and maintain the attention entirely upon the three highest centers of the body and do all work at these points. Only the energy centers (chakras) in the heart, throat, and head will receive conscious consideration and attention.

The entire effort will be to hold the attention upon these (three), for only by looking away from the lower centers will the individual ever be able to rise out of misery and limitation.

 The center at the top of the head is the highest focus in the human body and there the Silver Cord of Liquid White Light from the Great Source of Creation enters.

When the attention of the mind is held steadfast upon this,

 the Door of the Soul is opened

and the Three Fold Activity of the Pure White Light encircles the waist just below the solar plexus cutting off forever the destructive activities of the animal nature in man.

This permits his Soul to leap forth into its Complete Divine Activity united once more with the Perfection of Its Source....

Sincere students should meditate frequently upon the Perfect Action of the Golden Light within the head, for It will illumine and teach the outer mind all good things. This is the 'Light of the God Within'. One should feel It filling his entire consciousness, his body and world. This is the 'Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world' and there is no human being in existence who has not some of this 'Light' within him."       

 This chapter ends with these Words:

"There is nothing Supreme but God There is nothing Eternal and Real but The Christ. There is nothing True but the Light. These three are The One. All else is shadows that hide, mislead and make mankind stumble.

He who walks the Pathway of Light stands true to the Christ and looks always Godward, lives in a world of his own untouched by the seething vortex about him, yet ever working in it while the shadows last. These he turns his Light upon and thus compels them to pass into the sea of forgetfulness.

If you arm yourselves with this Eternal Understanding of Life, swear allegiance only to your Source, God, and stand true to the Christ and carry the Light, you will accept

 as your Code of Honor

the obligation 'To Love and to Bless Life'

no matter in what form it may be expressing wherever you meet it.

This is the Eternal Plan of Existence and whosoever knows That may proceed anywhere in the Universe, explore all it contains and yet be untouched by whatever shadows mankind has created....

GOD alone is Great, and only unto the 'Source of all Greatness does all Glory belong. He who knows only his Source and refuses aught else is wise indeed, for he become Permanent Happiness and is Master wherever he moves.

Beloved Humanity, may God's Mighty Radiance shed its Light to illumine heal and bless you with Divine Love which will ever hold all close in the Eternal Embrace of the 'One Supreme Light'".  

With these Words, the chapter ends.



painting by Nicolas Roerich

This information was first given to the world in the 1920s. 

It is now taught by Spiritual Teachers today everywhere all over the world.

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