Guy Ballard's



'Unveiled Mysteries'

Chapter Eight



This chapter brings to our attention the God-Law that is always available to us if or when we are faced with difficult situations or associations. Mr. Ballard had one such situation to handle and he was shown how to let the 'Mighty God Within' take charge and handle all conditions.

Mr. Ballard met a business man whose human personality was overpowering and dominating....and who, at the time they met, was in the process of purchasing some property, a gold mine, from a woman whose husband had passed on.

Mr. Ballard 'felt' the buyer was not offering an honest price for the property and interceded for the woman. The man's arrogance was uncontrolled and seemed to have no limit. Mr. Ballard tells of how he felt the expansion of the God-Power within himself, becoming stronger and stronger until he intuited the whole Truth of the transaction and saw the deception of the man who planned to buy the property for less than it was worth. 

As Mr. Ballard explained this to the woman, the buyer raised a steel cane to strike Mr. Ballard and suddenly a White Flame flashed forth right in his face.

The fully empowered God-Soul of Mr. Ballard then spoke as follows;

  'Great Soul in this man, I speak to you! Too long have you been held prisoner by his dominating personal self. Right the many deceptions he has practiced in the present life. Within the hour, this strong, outer human creation of discord and injustice which he has built up shall be consumed and never again shall it deceive or humanly dominate another of God's children. To the outer self I say, Awaken in peace, in love, kindliness, generosity and good will to all that lives.'

As the color came back into the man's face, he opened his eyes in bewilderment. Still conscious of the Greater God-Power acting, Mr. Ballard spoke again, saying 'My Brother, look at me'. The man looked into Mr. Ballard's eyes and a tremor passed over his body and he said....'Yes, I have seen. I understand how wrong I have been. God forgive me'. And he wept like a child.

The others who witnessed this scene were raised in Consciousness and had 'seen' beyond the human veil, each one saying, 'Never, so help me will I ever attempt to deceive or do wrong to my fellow man again.'

Mr. Ballard later explained how he happened to have knowledge of the Great  Cosmic Laws of Life. He told them about the Master Saint Germain and what the Master had explained about Cosmic Law as follows:

'The Great Immutable Decrees, which forever keep order in the Infinite Realm of manifested Life are all based on the One Great Principle of Creation-LOVE . That is the Heart-the Source of All and the very Hub upon which existence in form takes place.

Love is Harmony and without it in the beginning of a form, that form could not come into existence at all.



In your scientific world, Love expresses itself as the attractive force between the electrons. It is the directive Intelligence which Wills them into form, the Power which keeps them whirling around a central core and the Breath within the core that draws them to it. The same thing is true of each vortex of force everywhere in creation.'

Saint Germain speaks of the atom, saying,' the atom is an entity---a living breathing thing---created or brought into existence by the the Breath, the Love of God, through the Will of Self-Conscious Intelligence. In this way, the 'Word' is made flesh.....using thought and feeling. Destructive thought and discordant feeling so re arrange the ratio and rate of speed of the electrons within the atom, that the duration of the Breath of God, within the pole is changed. The duration of the Breath is decreed by the Will of the Consciousness using that particular kind of atom. If the Conscious Directing Will is withdrawn, the electrons lose their polarity and fly apart seeking their way back....intelligently mind the Great Central Sun, re-polarizing themselves. There they receive Love only, the Breath of God is never-ending, and Order, the First Law is eternally maintained'.

This is a very important discourse, one of the first from Saint Germain

given to the world in the early 1930s.

It is one each and every Student of Truth should read

and then re-read....until the Instruction given is thoroughly assimilated.

It can be found in its entirety on pgs. 223-229 in

 Unveiled Mysteries

which is available in many bookstores and can be quoted as it is no longer controlled by copyrights.


The last part of this Chapter deals with Mr. Ballard's meeting

with David Lloyd on Mount Shasta.

To read about that exciting encounter,

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