Guy Ballard's



'Unveiled Mysteries'

Chapter Seven

The Hidden Valley

Of  all the chapters in this book, this one may be my favorite.

  It tells of Guy Ballard meeting a man....'with iron gray hair and and gray eyes, steady and fearless '.... 'about forty years old' ....whose 'handshake revealed an unmistakable true and dependable nature'.

Guy Ballard relates how he felt 'an unusual Inner harmony about this man and knew it could only mean the starting of a deep and wonderful friendship'. The man also seemed aware of an Inner 'something' that made each of them feel attracted to the other.

The man then tells of having 'lost' his son when five years old and soon afterward his wife died. And he tells Guy Ballard this story. 

'Sixteen years later I awakened to find a letter on the floor of my room, addressed to me but with no postmark. It read," Your wife and son are living, well and strong. Soon you will see them. Rejoice to know there is no 'death'. Soon you will understand why Truth is far stranger and more wonderful than fiction.'

Signed A Friend.

  He tells Guy Ballard how at first he didn't believe a word of it. But how one evening soon after, he heard his wife's voice, clear and distinct as if she were in the room. She told him she and their son were alive and not to distrust the message and that he  would be brought to them if he doesn't allow doubt to 'shut the door'.

She explained that she was speaking to him over the Sound Ray and shortly he was able to see her through a Ray of Golden Light that formed a tunnel, at the end of which he saw his beautiful wife.

He goes on to tell how he was directed by a 'young man' to go a place in the mountains of Arizona with this 'young man' who turns out to be his son...He tells of being taken into a beautiful Valley hidden in the mountains.....of reuniting with his wife and of meeting the Master Eriel and Fun Way.

The Master Eriel tells him of going to the 'casket of his dead wife and restoring her to conscious action ....and how He enabled her to raise the body.'  And then tells how at the time of the disappearance of the son He had rescued the son from kidnappers and brought both son and wife to the Hidden Valley in Arizona to be Spiritually trained.

Now, in regard to the situation experienced by the son, Beloved Eriel goes on to give this Instruction concerning deliberately' feeling or desiring the death of another person'........

 He says: 'Feeling or desiring the death of another sets in motion a cause that will surely take that one's own life for the desire or intent goes forth to the person and then begins its return journey to the one who sent it out.

 Many times, individuals allow resentment against injustice to flash forth, with an intense feeling to 'rid the world' of a certain individual. This is a subtle form of the 'thought of death' and to one who sends it out, it must return.

Many people bring about their own dissolution by this very subtle activity of the human self for no one ever escapes this 'Immutable Law'. There are many phases of Its reaction and it is because humanity indulges in such thoughts and feelings that the race as a whole has been experiencing the dissolution of body after body.

The number of mankind that pass out through physical violence is infinitesimal compared with the deaths brought about by these subtle activities of thought, feeling and the spoken word. The human race has been killing itself off for thousands of year because it will not learn "The Law of Life and obey It.

If man knew that he never ceases creating even for an instant, he would realize, though the Presence of God within himself, that he could also purify his  mis-creations and thus be free....'

He spins a cocoon of human discord around himself and goes to sleep within it, forgetting, at least for a time, that if he can build it, he can also break through it.

By using the Wings of his Soul, with Adoration and Determination, he can break through his self-created darkness... to live once more at the Center of his Being in the Light and Freedom of his God Self.'

Later He tells them:

'If you will make yourselves an Eternal Fountain of Divine Love pouring It forth into every place your thought goes, you will become such a Magnet for All Good that you will have to call for help to dispense It!

'Peace and Calmness of Soul releases a Power which compels obedience of the outer (human) mind'.

And at another meeting He says

, 'When the student is strong enough to stand against the opinions of the world of ignorance, then he or she is ready to bear witness to the Marvels of the individual Activities of God, manifested by the Ascended Masters. Until one can do this, the 'power in suggestion' and the 'radiation of doubt' from others will disturb him to such an extent that many time the Quest for Truth is given up.

Speaking to the husband who will soon return to everyday life from the weeks spent in the  Hidden Valley, He says

'Remember these Words, my son, as you return again to the outer world. And you will find Them  a Safeguard that will carry you through every experience in Life. All impulses of consciousness travel back to the central point that sent them out....not even an atom escapes.'

'The Student of 'Light' faces 'The Light', sends It before him, sees Its Enfolding Radiance everywhere he moves and adores It constantly.

From any doubt, fear, suspicion or ignorance of the human mind,

 he turns away and knows only His Source....

His True Self'.

Lois Crawford



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