Guy Ballard's



'Unveiled Mysteries'

Chapter Six

Buried Cities Of The Amazon

There is hardly a page in this marvelous book that doesn't contain wonderful Information and Insight. But for me at least, this Chapter Six holds a number of Keys to the Doorway of Our Enlightenment.

The story line is entertaining and informative....but I leave it to you to enjoy that in your personal pursuit of Spiritual Ideas.

Instead I wish to draw attention to the very pertinent Instruction given in this Chapter beginning with the Words of Another of the Great Beings of Light Who have come from far away Cosmic Places in the Universe to instruct help us in our endeavor to expand our personal Godness. 

This Great Being says this to us.

'Beloved Children of the One Mighty God.

Knowest thou not the Life thou art using is from the 'One Supreme Presence' ....Eternally Pure, Holy and Perfect?

If thou doest aught to mar the Beauty and Perfection of that One Life, thou cuttest thyself off from the Gifts of thy God. Thy Life is the Sacred Jewel of thy God's Love...the 'Source' of the Secrets of the Universe.

Thy God doth trust thee with His Own Heart's Light.

 Cherish It!

Adore It!

Let It ever expand unto greater Light and greater Glory!

Thy Life is the 'Pearl of Great Price'  

Thou art the keeper of God's Wealth.

See thou use It for Him only and know thou hast received the 'Light of Life' for whose use thou shalt give an accounting.

Life is a continuous Circle.....If thou dost create That which is like unto thy 'Source' and knoweth His Love and Peace within thee, if thou useth thy Powers of Creation to bless only, then as thou dost move around thy Circle of Existence, thou wilt know the Joy of Life and unto It shall be added Greater Joy.

If thou dost NOT create like thy 'Source',

 thine evil shall return unto thee with more of it kind.

Thou alone chooseth thy destiny and thou alone answereth to thy God for thy use of  'Life', thy Being. The Great Law no one can escape. Long have I proclaimed this Law of Life.

The Law of 'Thyself' thou art unto thyself, because thou canst always come unto thy God if thou desireth the Perfection of Life.'

There is much more of this Marvelous Instruction, which comes to us with the Tremendous Radiation of the Great Being Who was speaking to the people of a civilization built about twelve to fourteen thousand years ago. The Truths spoken to the people of that time, are the Only Truths, and Great Beings come to Earth periodically to refresh the mind, Body and Soul, of those (Souls) embodied in a given time frame. In our time, These Great Beings continue to come when They are needed. The Ascended Teachers of mankind change over the Ages as the Teachers Themselves ascend into Their Next Higher Dimension.

 Life is always expanding....always ascending.

The Master we know as Beloved Saint Germain has taken the Responsibility  and offered His Energy, as far as is permitted, as a Guarantee for the Success of a 'Plan of God' being worked on by many Beings of Light, to Illumine and Raise as many of us as possible into the Ascending Spiral at this time. Many of us are ready for that step. However, it is the Need of the Cosmic Hour that is the Cosmic Purpose that drives and directs much of the Spiritual Energy today.

And so people (Souls) like the Ballards come into embodiment to serve as Channels of Information. And Ascended Souls, such as Saint Germain and many Others have come forward and offered to assist the Evolving Souls of our time.

Now here is some of the Information Saint Germain gave to Guy Ballard, to be shared with today's world, in this Chapter Six.

He speaks of Universal Substance, which I envisage as the Power or Energy that just naturally and constantly expands and Radiates out from the Supreme 'I AM' Presence of our Universe. Just as our Energy (which we can hope has some Cosmic Radiance) flows out about us and becomes part of the Energy of all who come in contact with us, just so all the Cosmic Energy of our Universe flows out from this Indescribable Being Who is the Supreme Authority in this part of the unimaginably huge Cosmic World.

Saint Germain: Try to think upon the Power which is within you. Call into use the Great Sea of Universal Substance from which you may draw without limit. It obeys without exception the direction of thought, and records any quality imposed upon it through the activity of the feeling nature in mankind.   

Mankind through the centuries has qualified the Universal Substance with perish-ability and limitation and the bodies mankind uses today are expressing those characteristics. The entire human race has storms of hate, anger, revenge, and many other outbursts of FEELINGS and the four elements, which have recorded those qualities, return these FEELINGS to  man through the world of nature as storms.

The people of earth have cataclysms of THOUGHT AND FEELING as resentment against each other, against injustice, against places and things, knowingly and unknowingly sending out the FEELING OF REVENGE.

The Great Sea of Universal Substance upon which these qualities have been recorded expresses them back to their source....the means of the four elements, as cataclysms in Nature.

Such activities are but Nature's ways of purifying and shaking herself free from the contamination of human, discordant THOUGHT AND FEELING and returning to her pristine condition of God's Purity.

Each moment every individual is receiving into his or her mind and body the Pure and Perfect Life of God.

Each moment he or she is also giving quality of some kind to the Pure Universal Substance of God. This quality the individual alone creates and generates and must receive back into his own mind and body, for all things in the Universe move in circles and thus, return unto their source.

 ( LJC: In this case the 'source' is the individual who then goes through the cleansing experiences that often out picture as 'problems').

Saint Germain: 'Unveiled Mysteries'

This is just a small part of all the Instruction given by Saint Germain in this chapter....Instruction which will greatly benefit any of us who will study and apply it. It was given to us for that purpose.

 It has been said, 'we use It, or lose It'.

Lois Crawford




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