Guy Ballard's



'Unveiled Mysteries'

Chapter Four


This chapter which is entitled 'Mysteries of the Yellowstone'  begins this way:

'Seven days passed, it was then the first week in September. On the evening of the eighth day, I sat contemplating Life and its finite expressions, when my thought turned to Saint Germain. Immediately, an overwhelming love went out to Him in deep gratitude for all I had been privileged to experience through His Assistance and Light. A feeling as of a 'Presence' in the room began to come over me like a breath and looking up suddenly, there He stood smiling and radiant.'

"My son", he said, "am I so unexpected a visitor that I surprise you? Surely you know that when thinking of Me you are in contact with Me and when I think of you, I am with you. Is that not according to the Law? What one thinks upon, he draws unto himself. Allow Me to suggest that you train yourself never to be surprised, disappointed or your feelings hurt, for perfect Self-control over all forces within you at all time is Dominion."

Saint Germain then says that He has come to take Guy Ballard on an important journey and that they will be gone thirty six hours.

Mr. Ballard tells of how he prepares his body for bed and becomes very quiet and soon stands outside his body clothed in golden garments as before. He tells us he is conscious of passing through space and soon he and Saint Germain arrive at the Royal Teton.

Off to the north they see the Yellowstone and Saint Germain explains the history of the word Yellowstone, how it has come down to us because of magnificent yellow diamonds that were mined in another time.

Then he is shown the site of an ancient  gold mine and Saint Germain describes how gold was processed in that time. Mr. Ballard is told that he had discovered both those mines in that earlier time.

They return to the Royal Teton Retreat and go to a room full of scientific information and records which Mr. Ballard is allowed to read....records he, himself had made in that former age. 

He is shown a crystal ball from which is pouring forth three Plumes of Flame. And caskets containing the forms he and Edna Ballard and their son, Donald used in that previous time. Saint Germain tells him,

"These bodies belonged to you three in one particular life when you left the Golden City to do a special work. Your experiences were so terrific and yet so much good was accomplished in that life, that a Great Cosmic Being appeared and gave the Command to preserve those bodies until such time when you will return to the Golden City."

"Now you can all realize how important and necessary it is to keep keenly aware of and deeply centered upon the Master Christ Self Within, that only God's Love, Wisdom and Perfection may act through your minds and bodies at all time"  



Well, this is only a little taste of the wonderful Information that is in this Chapter Four,

 just enough to tempt you to stop whatever you are doing and read the whole chapter.

Lois Crawford



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