Guy W. Ballard 


Let me introduce Guy Ballard this way.

When Beloved Saint Germain was ready to introduce the Ascended Master Instruction regarding each one's 'I AM' Presence to the world He had to find those through whom He could work. He approached Guy and Edna Ballard and explained His Plan. 

Since then we have been told that Guy Ballard was the only One on Earth at that time (LJC: or perhaps since) who was Spiritually ready for that Task and humanly strong enough to open the Door to the Ascended Masters' Octave of Light. With the help of Edna Ballard he accepted that responsibility not only to open that Door but together, to stand guard over Beloved Saint Germain's Ascended Master Instruction of the 'I AM' Presence until enough people could take hold of It and do their part to hold the Protection of Light not only for the Americas ....but for all constructive Lifestreams everywhere....until the Ascended Ones can come through in Visible, Tangible Bodies.  

Mr. Ballard was described as an imposing six-foot tall man, who would hold audiences spellbound as he related some of his experiences with the  Master Teachers.

He was described as the 'Embodiment of Love, with a kindly Radiance felt by everyone present.'

He was born in Kansas, July 28, 1878 and was raised in Iowa, where he completed his schooling and attended business college and then served in the Army. For many years afterwards he worked as a mining engineer. It was in this capacity he was sent by the Government to Northern California in the late 1920s.And while traveling he went to Weed, CA. a small town on the slopes of Mount Shasta.

Edna and Guy Ballard

Mr. and Mrs. Ballard had always been interested in the Mystical Teachings of Beloved Jesus,  looking for the deeper, more Spiritual Meaning, believing that much was yet to be revealed about what 'Jesus' had taught His Followers in that long ago time.

They looked for and studied the Threads of Truth that exist in many of the older Metaphysical Philosophies and when asked to do it, They gave the rest of their lives to teaching little known 'Spiritual Wisdom' taught up to that time only within Master Retreats to those who sought earnestly for It.


Mount Shasta

In Chapter One of 'Unveiled Mysteries' Guy Ballard tells of that time, when traveling through Weed, California, a small town at the foot of Mount Shasta, he heard of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta. And, he was intrigued and spent many hours hiking on the mountain, hoping to find answers to many mystical questions.

He tells us how one day he stopped by a stream to get a drink and how as he bent down to fill a cup with water, how as he was reaching for the water, his body was filled with what felt like a current of electricity flowing from his head  to his feet. 

He instantly looked around and saw a young man and he tells us he felt this was no ordinary person. The man smiled at him and told Mr. Ballard that if he (GB) would give Him the cup, He, (the young man), would give him a drink, one much more refreshing than the spring water.

  And of course, Mr. Ballard obeyed. Who of us wouldn't!

  And he goes on to describe how the cup was instantly filled with a 'creamy liquid' and he was asked to drink the liquid and when he did, the Electrical-like Effect made him gasp with surprise.

We learn that the stranger is the Master Saint Germain, known to the metaphysical world as the Wonder Man of Europe about which much is known. Saint Germain tells Mr. Ballard that the Liquid (Light) he has just drunk comes directly from the Universal Supply....that it is Pure as Life Itself....in fact, It is Life....Light. For, He explains, this 'Pure Life/Light, exists everywhere about us.'

Over the next several years Saint Germain taught Mr. Ballard Cosmic Law from both the Inner, Spiritual aspect as well as from the physical standpoint. Some of this Instruction is recorded in 'Unveiled Mysteries' and in 'The Magic Presence'....Saint Germain indicating that only a certain amount was to be published at that time...only what He thought the people were ready for.

This first chapter of Unveiled Mysteries is filled with Answers to many questions about 'God', and about our very personal Relationship to that 'Supreme I AM Beingness'.

Throughout 'Unveiled Mysteries' Mr. Ballard goes on describing many subsequent meetings with the Master. And it is during one of these meetings that Saint Germain explains that He is looking for individuals strong enough and ready  enough, through whom


can be released to the world.  

 Thus, in Chapter One  we see Guy Ballard meeting Saint Germain, and the Master/Student Relationship is forged.  Mr. Ballard is shown many scenes of past life experiences while he was being taught additional, basic Laws of Life. We learn of the interesting incident with the panther, an episode where Mr. Ballard is able to conquer his fear. Saint Germain tells him afterwards, "You have passed the test of courage. Now, it is possible for me to give you much greater assistance".

Now allow me to paraphrase some of Beloved Saint Germain's comments as He tells Guy Ballard that it is very important to realize fully that God's Intent for every one of His Children is abundance of every good and perfect thing....that 'God' created only Perfection and endowed His Children with exactly the same Qualities....that they can create and maintain Perfection also while expressing God-Dominion over the Earth and all that is therein.

We, the embodied Soul, are Immortal Filaments of Cosmic Consciousness and Energy that gives Life to the physical body. At Soul level, we are Representatives of The Greater Christ, our Higher Form, of an 'I AM' Presence, the 'One' created in the Image and Likeness of a Supreme Father/Mother God.

 Immortally we truly are the Sons and Daughters of a Great and Majestic Being we know as, God.

Humanity fails to manifest the Christ Dominion of its Soul because individuals do not recognize their Divine Authority with which each human/Soul Partnership is endowed and by which he or she is intended to govern his or her world.

We human beings by not obeying the 'Law of Love', by not pouring out Peace and Blessings to all Creation and by not accepting and acknowledging ourselves as Temples of the Most High Living God, find ourselves in our present unnecessary limited state. It is similar to the condition of a person in financial need to whom some one held out money. If the one in need did not accept the money, how could he ever have the benefit which it could bring.

The mass of humanity is in exactly this state of (blind human) consciousness today and will continue in it until each knows 'Who they really are' and until they give recognition to the Christ Flame within their hearts....acknowledging It as the Owner, the Giver and the Doer of all the Good that has ever come into the world.

The human must acknowledge completely it has nothing of its own....understanding that all Energy radiates into the physical body through the Three fold Flame placed in the heart by the individual's own Great Immortal God Self.

If we wish to experience health, freedom, peace, supply or any other thing desired for right use, the Secret is to maintain our focus upon the Source of All Truth...the Source of Immortal Life....for as sure as there is a Great Law of Magnetic Attraction in the Universe, to focus on our own Christness will draw to us all that is needed to live a constructive life....one that will take us to the Greater Heights of Godness.

The Eternal Law of Life is that

 'Whatever you think and feel you bring into form.

Where your thought is there you are....

For you are your 'consciousness'

 and what you mediate upon you become.

Therefore let us think often and humbly....


For that is a simple statement of Truth.


In Chapter Two,

In this Chapter Saint Germain's Instruction takes the form of Teaching through what he calls  Projected Consciousness. And as this Instruction begins, Mr. Ballard is told to fix firmly in his mind the Cosmic Law he is being taught....for It is meant to bring him into a 'State of Spiritual Consciousness' a 'State of Understanding' allowing him to attain Mastery over all forces and things on Earth....

(Let us remember that this to, is our goal, namely gaining Mastery of the 'forces and things' of Earth through attaining the State of Christ Consciousness)

Saint Germain explains how projecting our Consciousness into another time or situation allows us to learn from past records while we are completely Conscious and have full control over our faculties as opposed to trance or hypnotic conditions.

We learn that the forces and things on Earth must eventually come under the Direction of our God Self.... with cooperation of our human faculties....'Body and Christed Soul working together.' 

Mr. Ballard describes how he and Saint German become observers as well as actors in scenes of long ago in which he (GB) played a part....scenes that have been preserved in Etheric Records....and he tells us that the entire experience felt real and normal.

And here now is an important point of Law:

A Master Teacher will only show us 'past experiences' if those experiences are related to the Service we have come to give at the present time. Otherwise we do well to stay away from the old energies of our past. It is the present and future that must concern us.

Thus the story goes on to tell how Saint Germain shows Mr. Ballard the significance these situations of long ago play in his present life experience. He is shown a civilization where people remembered their 'Godness' and knew themselves as Sons and Daughters of God....and thus were possessors of Power and Wisdom that would seem miraculous to us today. But, Saint Germain says there are no such thing as Miracles, for all is according to Natural Law and all that seems miraculous to the present concept of humanity, is but the result of our lack of understanding.

And that when the Reality of Life is correctly understood, all that seems miraculous to us today, will be found to be just as natural and normal as 'the forming of words are to one who has learned the use of the alphabet.....all coming about through an orderly process of Natural Law, in Love and Peace.' 

Thus, we learn that no matter how strange an experience seems, that is not proof that there is not a Greater Law acting that is able to produce even Greater Wonders.

In the Spiritually advanced civilization They were looking at, it was seen that the people were able to maintain Harmony and Peace through KNOWING THEMSELVES TO BE MORE THAN THE PHYSICAL SELF.  

The government of this advanced civilization was under the direction of fourteen Ascended Masters, two working on each of the Seven Rays....with highly evolved 'department heads', creating a remarkable form of Government that served both God and man....One in which the human being served and was served by the Higher Spiritual Values.

 It is also in this chapter where Saint Germain speaks of the future of America and tells us that America has a Destiny of great import to the other nations of the earth....that in the not too distant future many people here (in the Western Hemisphere)  will give recognition to their God Self....allowing the Three Americas to become Lands of Great Light. He tells us that 'one by one Awakened Souls are being born onto the Planet and will be Conscious of their Inherent God Power and These will give their Service in positions of the Government (throughout the world).

 He tells us that These incoming Souls will be more interested in the Welfare of their fellow men and women than in their own personal ambitions. He speaks of gold being placed on the Planet for the release of its own inherent Quality and Energy that is meant to purify and balance the atomic structure of the Earth and that it was never intended for gold to be held in the hands of a few. That it was meant to be used by all the people for their Blessing and Upliftment. 

 Here is a direct quote from 'Unveiled Mysteries' Chapter 2 in Beloved Saint Germain's own words:

 "... Gold was a common commodity in this age, as in all 'Golden Ages,' because its natural emanation is a purifying, balancing, and vitalizing energy or force. It is placed within the Earth—by the 'Lords of Creation'— those 'Great Beings of Light and Love'—Who create and direct worlds—Systems of Worlds—and the evolution of the beings upon them.'

Saint Germain and I then became observers and actors in a scene of long ago. Again, I was outwardly conscious of going through experiences shown me in thought, feeling and action. The entire operation was as natural and normal as breathing, and the only unusual sensation about it was the feeling of greater freedom and a sense of dominion.

We both became very still for a few moments, as he revivified the Etheric Records and my instruction began. "This is the Sahara Desert," he said, "when it was fertile country having a semi-tropical climate." There were many streams of water carrying abundant moisture everywhere in the land. In the midst of this empire lay the capital, famous throughout the world for its splendor. The executive buildings were placed in the center upon a slight elevation, and from these, the city itself extended equally in every direction.

"This civilization," he went on, "rose to its apex seventy thousand years ago." We entered the city, and felt an unusual rhythmic activity that gave one a strange sensation of lightness while walking. The people all moved about with great ease and grace. I asked Saint Germain the reason for this, and he replied: "These people remembered their Source and knew themselves as Sons of God hence, were the possessors and operators of power and wisdom that to you may seem miraculous and super-human.

Truthfully speaking there are no such things as miracles for all is according to Law and that, which seems miraculous to the present concept of humanity, is but the result of the application of Laws to which mankind's present consciousness is unaccustomed and so seems strange and unusual.'

 Finally, there is a marvelous Dictation from a Great Cosmic  Master, described as being 'from out the Great Silence'....one all should read in its entirety. For it tells us how our own misuse of the

Energy of Life

 has caused conditions on Earth to be destructive and painful. So much so that they can hardly be endured. We are told that it is only when human existence becomes completely miserable does the average one turn to the Higher Power of the Universe and to the Christ Power of their own Lifestream looking for Answers to Life's problems.

 We people of today, can thank God, again and again, that we live in a time when mankind is Awakening to the Magnificent Activities of Love and Light that are the natural conditions in which we should all be living. Earth's people were meant, are meant to live in a State of God Beauty and Peace.

May we soon experience again that Pristine State of Purity.

May we soon know 'who we really are'.

Lois J Crawford



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