The following pages are dedicated to thee

Great Angelic Host and especially to

Beloved Michael, the Archangel.

9/15/11 Please note: Until recently this Angel section featured Beloved Michael's Words as they had flowed through our dear Edna Ballard. However having been informed by the group that controls the dissemination of that Information that I infringe upon copyrights by using direct quotes, I set about deconstructing these Angel pages. As I was engaged in doing this I seemed 'to hear' Michael talking to me, saying something like: 'well, there is no reason I cannot speak directly to you. Additionally I can bring the Information up to date. If you are game to try it, So am I and I AM ever by your side.'

And of course, I'm willing to try it out! I trust Michael. He has been 'talking' to people over the ages....appearing to people....helping people. Considering the magnitude of the Cosmic Work to be done at this time, it is not unusual at all that He would be talking directly to as many individuals as would be willing to listen to the Voices of the Angels.

Thus, begins a new sharing Process under the watchful Eye of my own Presence and with Michael's Kind Help....a new opportunity....a new responsibility.

First let's begin by invoking into action our Mighty God Presence and Holy Christ Self to help our Beloved Michael and the many Angel Legions He commands on this Planet.

Then I AM asking my readers to join me as we call for and invoke the Cosmic Power of the Angelic Legions, as we ask the Limitless Legions of Sacred Fire Angels to hear our Call....all Those Who are the Guardians of Life on this Planet....Dear Michael, we in the United States of America, ask you to send Your Legions forth in great rushing Rivers of Light and join with us in commanding the God-protection of our Great American Republic....this land of Saint Germain's heart....join us in commanding the Sacred Fire Protection of the God inspired Constitution of the United States of America....a precious document that is being de-constructed one piece at a time....

We ask for Peace to come to those lands in which brothers continue to fight and destroy each other...seemingly nothing can stop the hatreds, the bloodshed....But we come to you, Beloved Michael and ask you to pray with us, to decree perfection for humanity with us....for we finally realize that only the Hand of God in action can resolve mankind's problems or cleanse Earth of the accumulation of soiled energy. Therefore we are putting these weighty matters into your loving Hands and know that our Call is being answered even as we speak the Command.

Then let us all take time each day to give recognition to the countless Great Angels Who have assisted us through the Ages and Who are ever with us and Who never let us out of Their Sight. We are their Cosmic Responsibility.

May we be ever grateful that the Heavenly Father so cares for Us that He has provided Angels to watch over Us. And in return we, Body and Soul offer all we are and all we have into Their Service.

Beloved Michael had started my thought process that day by reminding me that in the 1930s, in the beginning of the Ballard Ministry He, Michael was one of Those Who came to help Saint Germain and the Other Great Ones who were instrumental in giving the Teaching of the 'I AM' Presence to the world.

And at that time, he had said, speaking of Edna Ballard....

'It has been a while since I last ministered to that time it was in France where I sought to help the same individual who this night speaks my words and who was then known as Joan of Arc. She put her faith in Me then. Little known to the world is that She was instrumental in furthering the Plans of the Great White Brotherhood as she played the role that the world knows as Joan of Arc. 

And I am assisting Her now as She again serves the Cosmic Brotherhood, as She continues to help both the Ascended and unascended....all who are turning to the Light....all who are 'turning on the Light' in America and throughout the world. I am helping Her teach others about the use of the Sword of Blue Flame, about the Power and Action of that Blue Flame and how if individuals will take that Sword in their hand and command Its Power into action, how they will set into motion the Power of that Blue Flame....Sacred Fire Power with which they can save themselves and their country.

 And I said at that time, as people will do that, I will send Legions of Angels to move among them, helping them better understand what Freedom means....helping them understand how important Freedom of the individual is to the evolution of both Body and Soul.

I will teach them how Freedom can be achieved and protected through the use of the 'Sword of Blue Flame' which is given to ensouled humanity as a Cosmic Means with which to free themselves from all with which they have bound themselves through eons of time. At this time it is is necessary....that humanity be taught to wield the Sword and give the Commands.... for when that Blue Flame is commanded It goes into action. 

Now let Me tell you more about the Angelic Hierarchy.

People today need to know that They are a very special Creation....wholly Divine Beings of Light Who use Sacred Fire Love to produce and guard manifestation wherever They are called into action to assist Life anywhere.


 Now in regard to the present times (2016), Please be encouraged by knowing that The Angelic Hierarchy has gone into action to help resolve the serious situations humanity faces today.

They understand that Christ Freedom of God's People on this planet must be protected....must be guarded. Therefore, those who read these words can assist the Ascended Hierarchy by asking The Angels to help Them take control of the despotism acting within governments through out the world. Never was that so needed. And The Angelic Sacred Fire Power is so immense....They can flash that Cosmic Fire throughout a city, a country or through an individual or individuals and within an instant, They can prevent or circumvent any and all intended destruction.........

I cannot stress to you (LJC) or to your readers, how very important this is...the Earth and its humanity are at a turning point of a Major that affects the whole Galaxy. The Wheels are turning. Individuals must awaken to their very great responsibility to call to God to unleash the Powers of Heaven to take command of the 'evil' at work on Earth in this moment....along with all else, the 'evil' created by human misuse of God's Pure Energy must now be addressed by humanity.

The Children of God must now clean up their room....I speak now of the Earth and the atmosphere that clings to the Earth. Or Life will do it for them and mankind will not like what will have to occur for that to happen!

Thank you, Beloved Ones who hear and heed My Words, I Am always listening for your Calls to Me and My Legions. I Am ready to spring into action immediately to help you achieve your Victories, personal and Planetary.

I AM Michael


The year is now 2016

(LJC) So....let us increase our, as parts of the world teeter on the edge of financial and economic ruin and in other places unconscionable and cruel treatment of helpless people is the norm, we call first to our Mighty 'AM' Presence and Holy Christ Self and then, Body and Soul, we turn our attention to Beloved Michael, the Archangel and to His Legions of Angels of the Fiery Christ Blue Lightning...and from our position on Earth, we, Body and Soul ask  for Their descent to Earth. We ask for the descent of the Cosmic Light to flood in and around everything and everybody....for the descent of the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity....while The Great Angels, wielding the Sword of Blue Flame take complete command and control of all that seeks the destruction of God's People anywhere throughout this world....anywhere throughout the Universe.

We stand ready to give whatever Service we are capable of giving to assist the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchies in assisting Earth's people at this time of the great cleansing of God's House. We ask that all cleansing and change may be accomplished quickly and with the least pain or damage to man or civilization as we know it.

We say to you, our own Precious Presence and to you, Beloved Michael and All the Angelic Host Who assist You,

 'Use us in any way You can

as Heaven is established again on Earth.'

Take Command....

Oh, Mighty 'I Am'

Oh, Mighty 'I Am'

Oh, Mighty 'I Am'

  Lois J Crawford



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