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 When I thought about what I would like to say regarding Angels on this Website, a great many thoughts flowed in. So much is already written. However, in desiring to raise our Consciousness about the Part Angelic Life plays in the Life of the Universe, it seemed imperative to describe Their Importance at this particular time in the history of this Planet.

Let me begin this way. Today the Great Cause is Freedom.

The changing cycles demand Freedom. Without Freedom neither Body nor Soul can evolve. The Angelic Kingdom exists to support the evolution of the Souls of Light. It is important that we know that Angels were created to help, watch over and serve humanity. In addition to all else They are God's Messengers.

We have seen the terrible results of dictators and destructive and totalitarian governments across the Planet during just the past one hundred years. The Freedoms the Ascended Masters brought forth on the Planet in America, a model for all countries, are under attack and may not survive unless we all call to God, invoking a Heavenly Force of Christ Light for the Planet....unless we command that Light to come forth and take charge of the Constitutional Government of America and all constructive government wherever it exists....unless together, we command Cosmic Christ Light to descend in full action and enfold and empower as many of humanity as possible so that as much of civilization as possible can be protected from the effects of the many kinds of 'weapons of mass destruction' whether those weapons are physical, mental or emotional.

Mankind must call to the Angelic Legions for help!

Destructive brainwashing is going on in every country of the world, as destructive as any of the modern weapons of war that we know are placed all over the Planet and both are designed to destroy as much life as possible. This is no figment of anyone's imagination. Over and over again in past ages, destructive forces, using many disguises, have defied God and have wiped marvelous civilizations off the face of the Earth.

This time the Ascended and Angelic Forces of God are saying, 'this far and no farther'. They have come, en masse, to teach constructive humanity how to call to Almighty God, how to interact with the Godness of their own Beings and how to cooperate with the Greater Godness of the Universe. Those who will listen are being instructed in how to call for....how to ask for the Cosmic Help needed to solve once and for time the ancient problems of human arrogance and godlessness.

The job given to each one of us who understands what is happening on Earth at this time is to call forth 'Godness', 'Christness' in every possible Form as we know It.

Our part is to call for the Powers of the Heavens to descend and enfold the Earth in Cosmic Christ Fire. This alone will put out the human fires of hate, as Christness covers hate with the Cosmic Power of Love.


What we call 'God', is felt as the Energy we call 'Love'. That Heavenly Cosmic Christ Power contains all that is required to solve the problems of the Planet and of each Soul embodied here. Mankind, alone, cannot resolve the madness of certain factions of humanity that harass the people of Earth. Many of the Souls who are embodied at this time have had, perhaps, a part in soiling the Energy that allows that 'madness' to exist at all and accordingly, have the responsibility to help resolve the chaos mankind has created or allowed to be created on the Planet.

Today, we people are being given the Information and the Tools needed to succeed in the 'clean-up' Activity involving not only our own personal Energy but as importantly, the Energy of this Planet. We have been asked to enlist the Help of the Many Layers of Evolved Life...and to start by invoking the Help of the Ascended and Cosmic and Angelic Beings Who serve this Planet. Thus, the time has come to recognize and call forth the incredible Heavenly Power and the Force of the Legions of God Who have created and Who take care of this Planet. And that includes the Legions of Angels.

Thus, we begin the Process of raising and expanding Planetary Energy by calling forth the Pure Angelic Essence to enfold these words and thoughts and asking the Seven Mighty Archangels and all the Angels Who serve with Them to Bless all who read and study these words, invoking Their Heavenly Angelic Energy into all Life. That Angel Energy will then expand as it flows through all Life, reaching out and Blessing all It touches.

As I attempt to convey my Ideas of Angels I will be quoting from a very important book which is, itself the Source of Heavenly Angelic Love, Wisdom and Power. As the Beloved Archangel gives us His Explanation of the Angelic Host, He draws forth Cosmic Christ Fire from the Great Central Source of All Power to help expand the Inner Consciousness of all who hear or read His Words.

 Now, imagine with me what Angels look like.

What Forms do They assume as They serve the Wishes of the Creator.     

 We are told there are Legions of 'Legions of Angels' and that they are an Unique and Special 'Creation', quite different in Form and Purpose from the Sparks of 'I AM' Godness that define us as 'Souls'. Each Angel or each Legion of Angels is created with a specific Cosmic Purpose and can assume any Form They wish to use in Their Service. Further Angels do not, as a general rule, 'evolve' as we do, that is as we progress, step by step to Our Ascension, although there are exceptions to that Rule.

In the next few pages I will be sharing with you pictures that sparked my imagination and that have given me an heightened Awareness of Angels in general. I leave it to each one of you to create your own album of Angel pictures.

We truly are never alone.

There is so much we human beings do not realize about the Angelic Kingdom....for example, many of us do not know that each individualized Spark (our 'I AM' Presence) has Angels assigned to guide and protect It and to assist It in Its Cosmic Progress as It evolves through the Spiritual Evolution of both Body and Soul. We truly are never alone and when our Inner Sight is open we will see the Truth of that Statement. From the moment of our Creation, our personal complement of Angels is always there guarding and assisting us wherever we are....whatever we are doing. We have only to acknowledge Them and ask for Their Assistance or Guidance.

What is the Process of our Evolution on Earth?

When we, an Original 'Spark of God Consciousness', are sufficiently developed and we express an interest in experiencing Life on this Planet, we are provided with physical bodies designed for this time and the place in which the experience we choose will take place. This is always the Process wherever we chose to experience Life, anywhere in the Greater Universe.

Allow me to digress a moment....

I wish to speak of 'who we really are' at our most Cosmic Level of Beingness. We will eventually evolve our Lives and experience that Immortal 'Life' re-united with our 'I AM' PRESENCE. We will recognize ourselves to be the Sons or Daughters, the Children of a Powerful Father/Mother figure Who many of us now refer to simply as 'God'. Further when we use the pronoun 'we' as I am using it, we reveal our 'God Awareness'....our 'Sense of Cosmic Self'...we are saying that we know WHO WE REALLY ARE. And that we know that the words 'I AM Presence' and 'Holy Christ Self' describe the Energy Bodies we 'live in' (that we experience Life in) in the Higher Vibratory Levels of Life.

 Presently we, an Immortal Spark of Christ Consciousness, we are evolving Our way back into the Arms of our 'I AM' Presence. This is accomplished by gradually accessing the Dimension of the Holy Christ Self, becoming One with our Christ Self. The final step is integrating and merging that Perfected Christ Energy back into the Heart of the 'I AM' Presence. When that occurs, we say that we, an Immortal Spark of Christ Consciousness has completed the human/Soul Journey and has Ascended back to the Mother/Father. We will have traveled from the human plane of limited awareness to a Spiritual Plane of Cosmic Consciousness and into a Body of limitless and Powerful Energy.

By now I am sure my readers know that our 'I AM' Presence is a Body of Cosmic Light which includes the God Level Self and the Body of Christ Consciousness from which comes the Soul Spark. Our 'I AM' Presence is a 'Ray of Light' coming directly from the Supreme Godhead, complete with the full 'Consciousness' of the 'Heart and Mind of 'Almighty God'. When We at that High Level of 'Christ Consciousness' or Divine Mind, have desired an experience on Earth, the Mighty 'I AM' Presence projects a Ray of Light from which the Light Pattern of a physical body is designed and from which a physical form is eventually created. When this is done, the 'I AM' Presence 'embeds' a Spark of Its own Christness (this becomes the Soul I speak of) in the heart of the human being, which is now equipped to serve God's Purposes.

One of the first metaphysical Laws we learn is that this Spark of Christness exists in a secret Chamber in every human Heart, providing 'Consciousness' (mind/thought and heart/feeling) for the physical being. We are taught that the Energy of our 'I AM' Presence and Holy Christ Self gives 'Life' or we might say, turns on the Energy within the physical mind and body. The physical body in turn becomes a home for a Bit of Christ Consciousness, which is 'who we really are'...an Immortal Bit of Christ Consciousness. And We go forth on Earth to begin to do 'God's' Work.

 Now, at long last, we return to the Subject of Angels.

 It is important that we give recognition to this very Special Form of Universal Life, and that we know we are always accompanied, guided and protected by Angels. And while They exist to serve us, it is We Who must 'command' Them, always with Love and in the Service of God. In this Way We Co-create with Higher Levels of Creation. And it is in this Way that we develop and expand the Angelic Love, Wisdom and Power of the Three fold Flame within the Heart....all Qualities needed to do the Work God requires of Us here.

Now, finally, I hope you will always remember that there are countless Legions of Angels in this Universe all ready to help us accomplish our Cosmic Purpose. And knowing that may you have a Peaceful and Fulfilling human/Soul Journey in the Company of your Angels! They wait to be commanded. They are always 'right there!'

Now it is my Greatest Joy to offer you my thoughts about Angels as learned from the Beloved Michael.


  Lois J. Crawford


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