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In answer to certain criticism....My intense and sincere desire is to see the Master Teaching that came through Guy and Edna Ballard see all 'I AM' Sanctuaries and Temples everywhere filled to overflowing with enthusiastic Students....and to that end I have worked all my life to strengthen the expansion of the Ballard Instruction in order that that Cosmic Information could have wider distribution.


 I believe that the work and artifacts of Beloved Guy and Edna Ballard are the Spiritual Heritage of the world. That Cosmic Information was given as a' glad free Gift of Love' by the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy to the people of the world through the Ballards....with the Instruction that we students of the Ballards were to share It!


My personal focus has always been on Freedom....on Freedom in America as envisioned by our Founders...on freedom of the individual in all countries ....freedom for each one of us, Body and Soul to freely and personally, evolve. That is....will always be.... my Spiritual Intent.


 'Beloved Jesus came to us 2000 years ago with a message of Brotherhood. The civilized world of that time was in total chaos. His Ascended Light and Instruction on Brotherhood helped but still the world continued then and continues now to destroy itself....
And the people are still starved for an Understanding of the Truth He brought....they are starving for His Light...And many people are suffering....truly, desperately suffering the world over....and we pray 'please. Father, we ask You to take Command and forgive and enlighten those who withhold Knowledge of the Christ Light from your people.

Blaze Your Love and Cosmic Forgiveness to your Sons and Daughters of Light.'


Accordingly in the Spirit of expanding Christ Truth as the Beloved Jesus and Others of the Cosmic and Ascended Hierarchy have commanded us to do, this Modern Mystic Website moves on.... wishing never to offend anyone. The Cosmic Information that came anew through Guy and Edna Ballard has now spread over the Earth in spite of any and all controversy or contention that surrounds it. This Sublime Instruction is now being studied and accepted by people people hungry....nay, desperate for God-Truth. It is spreading over the planet through thousands of large and small Spiritual Organizations and through Websites like this one, gaining momentum day by day. I believe that nothing human can stop or control this Cosmic Christ Light as happened with the original 'Jesus' Teaching.

Today Truth is given to us in this updated fashion and It is the Pathway to our Christhood.


Meanwhile, Cosmic Christness will continue to expand as one by one, we people accept It and use It to create constructive lives. And I will continue to do what ever I am capable of doing to expand the Almighty's Christ Light throughout the world as together we people, all of us, work for Cosmic Christ Protection and Perfection for America and the together we strive to become the fullness of 'who we really are'. I will share my 'Beliefs' in regard to our Divine Purpose here on Earth and do it by focusing our attention on our own Mighty 'I AM' God Presence....on our own Cosmic Christ Self, the Source of our Power, Body and Soul...the Source of our Life.


Meanwhile....I ask you to pray and decree for Peace on Earth.

We Pray in the Name of our own Mighty 'I AM' Presence,

Lovingly and Powerfully, Command Peace to live in the Heart

of every man, woman and child on Earth.

We pray...

Let there be Peace....Peace...Peace




(Jim Sinclair) We must all carry out our duty, whether that is to be an emissary of peace or to fight a great war. In one way we are all fighting a great war; the one within ourselves to separate the light from the dark as we separate chaff from wheat. To be able to emerge victorious in that war of self-realization takes great effort but starts with the simplest and humblest step of believing that we are indeed worthy and can win it.


"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

 --German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945)


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Thank you for all your love and support.

Lois J Crawford

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