Affirm often:
'I AM' a force field of Transfiguring Divine Love. The Love of God is now thriving on Earth through me,

 and through the 'I AM' Presence of every person on the planet. The blazing Sun of Transfiguring Divine Love that

is now enveloping the Earth is transforming into Light every frequency of energy, vibration, and consciousness

 that is less than God’s Divine Love.



 The God of Light

Speaking of Service

In the Service of the Cosmic Christ 2


June 2012....The March of Freedom


January 2012....Kuthumi: Divine Law



The Action of the Crystal Cup


April  2012....The Bodhisattva Quan Yin

      Beloved Quan Yin speaks of Freedom...Feb. 17, 2009 

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 Message from Master Morya El  8-23-10  In English and Spanish

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Beloved Saint Germain March 16, 2012

  Beloved Saint Germain speaks of the Violet Flame    En Español'


Let us call The Violet Flame into Action

remembering to give a Violet Flame decree often during the day ...

such as this one.....


My Beloved Mighty God Presence,

Beloved Master Saint Germain, all Great Beings and Powers of Light

I Am blazing the Invincible Violet Flame up through and around my entire Being and world....blazing, blazing, blazing until I see It controlling all conditions within me and around and within everybody and everything.

 Mighty 'I AM' Presence and Great Host of Ascended Beings, I ask you to Blaze Your Violet Flame Authority throughout the Nations, preventing all discord wherever it tries to interfere with the manifestation of the Christ Light.

With all my Heart I thank thee....

 knowing my call compels Your Answer.

 And it is done!'


Here is a link to an article which offers some Insight into the subject of Ascending 


  Spanish Translation  

Over the years I have formed the habit of starting the day with a decree recognizing the Ascending Process....for the more recognition we can give that Process, the quicker we, the Immortal Soul, will be reunited with our Mighty 'God' Presence. We can say often....

My Mighty 'God Presence', in all humbleness I ask You to take complete control of my mind, body, Being and world. and to prepare me, Your Representative on Earth, to do what you would have me do and see that I do it perfectly and that I ascend back to You as soon as possible'. I thank Thee it is done!

Now we have opened the way for Greater God-Assistance to be given to us, for The Cosmic Law is this: Our Mighty God Presence can only 'create' on Earth what can be created through us or for us, Body and Soul ....meaning that each one individually must, by intention and action, be the Hands, Heart and Mind of their 'I AM' Presence....the Hands, Hearts and Minds of God in Action, remembering that nothing happens on Earth until we command God into action wherever we abide .

Our call to Life....our Command to our own Mighty God Presence opens wide the door into Heaven from our side of Life allowing Cosmic Christ Light to pour through us to do the Work of God here on Earth.

Lois Crawford



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