Beloved Lotus speaks of  The American Dream


This Website then, is my Way to help us 'stay in touch' with Light Bearers all over the world

  as well as a way to tell the Blessed Ballards and Their Ascended and Unascended Associates

 that we are standing by Them and are supporting Them and serving with Them and with

 the entire Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy as together we bring in the Golden Age of Light

for this planet... together helping all humanity ascend from this plane of dense

 vibration into the Greater Levels of Heavenly Life beyond.


So today, with all our hearts, we Bless, Honor and offer our Love to Beloved Guy Ballard, Godfre.

 He was trained by Ascended Masters Who found him 'spiritually strong  enough' to throw

open doors into the Octaves of Light....brave enough to face all the godlessness that came

against him....

And  Edna Ballard, Beloved Lotus. God Bless her....


In 1939 Beloved Godfre ascended....

She could also have decided to serve from the Higher Dimensions,

but she chose to stay on with us....knowing the students needed guidance...

.and she having been left with the job of fighting the godless court cases brought against her

and Donald Ballard and the 'I AM' Activity. She finally won those cases....she won for herself,

 and for America. She spoke up for God in the Supreme court of the land and won!.

 She never gave up....until 1971 she continued to hold classes, determinedly holding open those

 Spiritual Doors....always under the pressure of lawyers, managers and sadly, some of her students.


Finally, let all who accept and use the Ascended Master Instruction, realize that it was initiated

and given to humanity in its present form by Guy and Edna Ballard.

 And that it is used in the many and various 'I AM' Groups that now exist throughout

 the world....


  And in the year 2015, more than ever, let us then, enfold

 ourselves....enfold the entire planet in the Cosmic Christ Radiance as we work together.

 Let us be Unified....

becoming as one Group focused on implementing and expanding and sharing all the Instruction 

we have ever received from the Ascended and Angelic Host as we have walked the Pathway of Light!

 Let us be one positive Cosmic Christ Force,

 One Unified Cosmic Christ Flame, 

single in mind, purpose and and action in our Service to God Almighty as we participate in the

year's unfolding Divine Drama of our time.....

as we lead and demonstrate the Way into the Ascended State without passing through the 

change called death!

Now, as always my gratitude floods to those who care as deeply as I do about America....

to those who ceaselessly work for Peace for the whole world....


God Bless, protect and supply all who love Freedom....who cherish Freedom of the individual!

 God Bless All who understand the meaning of Liberty!

 Thank you, all of you who call or write to tell me you are walking hand in hand with me

as we prepare and endeavor to serve God in what ever way we can in this time of real planetary


'I AM' so grateful for your Love and support!

America is grateful.

 The Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy are grateful.

They are with us always', joining us as we let our 'eye be single' and our attention focused on

 Godness, focused always on our own 'I AM' Presence' as together We, God and main, give the

 Great Command

for the Victory of the Cosmic Christ to manifest
in all that affects the people of the planet in these days....


Together We can and must command God Victory in the world.'



A Message from Beloved Morya El 


The God of Light 

We are God's Messengers


And from my dear friend, Lee Murdock, this inspiring Website

  "Crystal Cup Magazine".          

Patricia Cota-Robles  'Here We Go!'  



Lois J. Crawford

Updated September 22,  2015


In September 2014 I traveled to the Royal Tetons to participate in 

 Patricia Cota-Robles' 28th Congress of Illumination

where tremendous Cosmic Work was accomplished for the Miracle Evolution of people and planet.



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