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Saint Germain:

'Beloved Ones,

Again, I Bless you and thank you, all of you who have continued to march by My Side

 in the on going battle for Freedom world wide. As We  have done since this Ballard Instruction began I must urge you again  to put aside all activity that does not expand the Light of God, within yourselves and within the Universe in which your planet revolves. We ask you again to stop feeding evil your Energy by giving it your attention and instead constantly Command the Light of your Being to expand, join with Ours and together We will  put out the fires of hate....

We caution you, by Cosmic Law there is only so much We in the Heavens can do to protect the physical world....

We must have humanity's Love of God, humanity's Free-will Effort added to Ours, to end this onslaught against the Light peacefully.


 Let Me repeat Myself....wherever in the world Freedom of the individual has tried to take root.... but especially in the United States of America where We had such Hope for the continued expansion of Constitutional Freedom of the individual, that Freedom continues to be attacked....both  through the profound ignorance of what Freedom of the individual means among  poorly educated people world wide....but also by a godless mindset whose only goal is control of those very same people.


Thankfully there are many who are Awakening to the expansion of Light on this planet...Awakening to an Understanding of each ones own Christ centered individuality and Spirituality....awakening to the immensity of the 'problem' they are being  asked to address.


Now more than ever, it is vital that each of you who understand this, stay centered in the Light, mind, body, Being and world....that you stay centered within the Powerful Radiation of your own Christ Identity. Set aside time each day to Blaze this 'I AM' Christ Light not only for your own Perfection and Protection but also Blaze It into the world around you. In this way you will be giving a tremendous Service....


We have been training you Awakening Ones, to work with Us as We prepare humanity for the greatest expansion of Light individuals have yet to experience on Earth. The Ascended Host spearheaded Freedom of the individual on the American continent three hundred years ago....this is an Ascended Master Project planned  millennia ago and We stand ready to expand and defend It. But you must understand that what must be cleaned up first is  Energy, ancient and current that has been contaminated by human qualities....look around and you see to what I refer.....and it is not Our 'mess' to clean up....We did not create it....therefore it becomes  the responsibility of those who did create it....and We are only allowed to  offer help which comes as Information and Radiation.

As part of a natural Galaxy expansion  of Energy the planet is experiencing a tremendous outpouring of Cosmic Christ Radiation coming directly from the Heart of Creation...It is coming in waves....continuing through the next several years .... It will among other Blessings,  transform the  physical body.....little by little....atom by atom....into a  semi crystalline form.... which provides an Ascending Process We have described as 'moving into a Higher Dimension without passing through the change called death'...just as I described it years ago to the Beloved Ballards when I explained that 'ascending' from this material octave into the next Energy Dimension was possible without having to 'die' to achieve it.


As the seemingly endless conflict active on the planet works itself out, We need you to stay focused on the


 evidence of God Light  active in all Life....We need you to keep your 'eye single' as you work with Us, the


 Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy...


We need you to strive daily to  outpicture as much Perfection for yourselves and for the humanity of the planet


 as you are capable of doing. We ask you to take your eyes off all negativity ....all darkness....all less than God-


 good.....rather see the Light of Love and Hope shining everywhere and never tire of sharing It with others as you


 join with others in asking for Invincible God Protection for every man and every woman and every child....


yes, We ask you to  look upon your brothers and sisters world wide with tenderness and





We are asking you  to share your Christ Light in any way that will expand the warmth of Love and Hope in


 every heart.


I AM  asking you to call for the descent of the Cosmic Power of the Cosmic Christ' into and  through and around


 all who love  and serve God....into, through and around all that God has Created.


And again reminding you to call for Mercy....for the Divine Mercy of the Cosmic It in and around all


 mankind to Bless and to protect all those who are, as we speak, experiencing the cruelty of endless warring.


 I ask you to work for and to speak for Peace among all people. Please, dear Hearts, I Am asking each of you to


 take responsibility to some time each day call forth Divine Mercy not only from the Heart of your own God


 Presence but from the Heart of Creation, Itself....



Call for Divine Mercy and Justice from the Heart of your beloved Jesus and all the Great


 Beings Who are working for Peace at this time ....doing this not only for yourselves but for


 every human being through out the world.


There is yet much to be done to clean up and have Forgiven all the planet's 'soiled' Energy and to achieve the level


 of Ascended Purity required at this time.



Please Believe Me when I say, We need, and you need to know that your constant prayers


and positive thoughts....your Belief and your Faith that your Action  in the form of your calls


 to God for Christ Love, Forgiveness and Mercy for the sins of  the past....combined with the


 Pure  Christ Love of your Hearts poured  out to all of humanity will  stop evil in its  tracks.



Then, when and as humanity experiences a change of heart that controls


 destructive human passions, the current tsunami  of godlessness sweeping over the Earth


will be turned back, dissolved and consumed by the Cosmic Christ Light you have called forth.



And, yes, I assure you, the fires of hate and destruction will be put out....must be  put out


at this time....


But I ask you to think about what will be the cost to civilization as you know it today if the


 Light of God does not prevail. 


Do you understand


 how much We must depend upon you whom We have taught to powerfully call forth


 the  Purification of the Sacred Fire that will put an end to the current ungodly world wide


 destruction of human life?


 Do you understand


 that you who are reading this...and understanding....that you are the Answer to the return of


 Peace  on this planet...that it is you who are birthing a beautiful new World....and that


 'nothing evil’ escapes the Sacred Fire's cleansing, changing, raising process ....


.and that you  individually will be greatly Blessed  as you are swept up in the Mighty Onrush


 of that Cosmic Christ  Light? 


 Or that Freedom of your Immortal Soul is the personal Issue for each of you.



And finally


knowing 'who you really are' and what your Cosmic Responsibility is, is  the first step 


to your Freedom, Body  and Soul.  And whether you realize it or not, you are day by day


 experiencing the increased brilliancy  of the Christ Light blazing in every cell of your body.


 And to that end I call to your attention the Affirmation


 We gave the student body in the first days of this Spiritual Activity.


We asked you to affirm often;


I am a Child of the Light

I love the Light

I serve the Light

I live in the Light

I am protected, illumined, purified, supplied and sustained,

Body and Soul by the Light

and I Bless the Light.


These are the Thoughts I wish to leave with you at this time .


 I hope you will take My Words to heart and then to the best of  your ability, act upon Them.


This is the Service many of you have come to give in this embodiment.


 No one knows when one more prayer....just one more wave of pure Heart Love will be all that


is required to bring the planet and the people into a state of Christ Peace and Harmony

as you continue to pray for the safety and security, Body and Soul, of every constructive

man, woman and child in  every country and especially for those where God Peace and Freedom

 are yet to be realized.


I speak to you, you who are awake to the magnitude of the Planetary work of the

Ascended Hierarchy ....

 I remind You that are your Brother's Keepers....Your Father's Children....that you have accepted this Mission to

 work with Us...

which means We expect and rely upon you to 'pray without ceasing' for the Peaceful solution to all  that is

 destructive on this Planet at this time. We ask you also to keep your Eye, Inner and outer....

focused on the  Truth...and be assured that you are ever enfolded in My Miracle Mantle of Violet Flame Mastery....


that I, Saint Germain, Love you and Bless each one of you....and urge all of  you ..all of you


 anywhere in the  world....everyone of you who love freedom and who so sincerely give


your Service to Life....

to let your Heart's Light overflow, always blazing with the Essence  of Pure Divine Love which

 is ever expanding from out the Heart of Creation.

 That is the Answer to raising all of Awakening humanity into the Ascending Spiral.


One more time, may I remind you to accept.... to expand and often express


your Love of the Christ Light as you feel its expansion within Your own Life.


Believing with all your hearts that it is that Quality of Love  that is covering over the darkness.....


ending forever the suffering of God's people caught in that darkness. .


'Know' that it is Your Calls for Divine Mercy and Justice....

your calls asking for Cosmic Forgiveness for the mistakes of all mankind...

 that it is your allegiance to the Cosmic Christ Light of the Universe

that finally puts an end to all godlessness on this planet....

an end to all that is not 'God-good....



Always I Bless you with all that 'I' A M'    .


Your Brother


 Saint Germain




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