M E D I T A T E  W I T H  M E

On Easter

 Two thousand years ago there came to us the Magnificent

 Lifestream we know as 'Jesus', The Christ of the Piscean Cycle,

Whose Teaching and Vision was then, and is NOW meant for every man,

 woman and child on Earth.

 Had His Wisdom been heeded then, the

 Planet and people would  have been spared the pain and suffering of

 the past two thousand years.  


--Matthew 28:1-9

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb.

 And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an Angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat on it.

 His Countenance was like Lightning, and His Clothing as white as snow. And the guards shook for fear of Him, and became like dead men.

 But the Angel answered and said to the women, 'Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. And go quickly and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead, and indeed He is going before you into Galilee; there you will see Him. Behold, I have told you.'

 So they went out quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy, and ran to bring His disciples word. And as they went to tell His disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, 'Rejoice!' So they came and held Him by the feet and worshiped Him."

The Resurrection

The thoughts I wish to share come partially from an Essay written many years ago which I called The Easter Story....dedicating it then and now to the Beloved One we know as the Transcendent Lord 'Jesus'.

 I began that Essay by reciting the Affirmation He taught his followers....one I was taught as a child and which I have repeated most days of my life.

He taught and He affirmed for His own Life


and asked us to do the same for ours.

 we, adding Power and Direction to the Affirmation by declaring


 'Jesus' came to teach....and He taught many lessons....and He left us with the grand finale of the Ascension. In leaving the example of the Resurrection and Ascension He demonstrated that the embodied Soul can be rescued and resurrected from human chains....teaching how each one of us can graduate from the pull of Earth by becoming the Christed Soul ready to live and work in Heavenly Planes.

When we study the Words of 'Jesus', we can see that He taught The Christness of Every Soul....that in addition to the service we come to give, our Life is a Journey of gradual Resurrection that every Soul is taking. He continually directed our attention away from our human importance....or lack of. Instead, using the familiar idiom of the day to describe God, He would say.... “it is the Father above as well as that Godness within me, that does the work”. And taught us about the Godness that is active within each one of us, which I refer to, as it works within the physical self, as our Soul...believing that 'who we really are' are small Increments of Immortal Christ-Light...unique Sparks of 'Godness'.

In the case of 'Jesus', the 'God work' of His Journey was to demonstrate a fully perfected Life....as a risen Christed Soul....for he had long before manifested the Christ Consciousness within the human/Soul relationship. And He said over and over, that the manner in which He was manifesting Life in a physical body was possible and eventually necessary for each Soul. 

Let’s think about what these words mean? When we use this affirmation, 'I Am' the Resurrection and the Life, we can think of it this way....when we say 'I AM', we are saying 'God is acting within me,' ....

when we use the word RESURRECTION, we understand we are activating

 a Spiritual, Raising Power in our lives....

and we claim It for our MIND, BODY, BEING AND WORLD.

When we speak of Life, we are speaking of all Life....affirming we are part of all Life, and by conscious command we are increasing, resurrecting the vibration of our Energy, Body and Soul....thereby resurrecting the vibration of the Energy of all Life everywhere. 


with the Understanding as we affirm this, that the Power we call “GOD” IS THE RESURRECTING AND RAISING POWER WITHIN ALL LIFE.

 Over time, as we continue to entertain this thought and command the 'Resurrection Flame' into action in our lives, ('I AM' the Resurrection Flame in action in me now!) we will enter the Stream of Energy that does raise us into another dimension....eventually into one of the Many Mansions 'Jesus' called 'Heaven'.   

In this Cyclic time of Change we need to understand the deeper Meaning of Easter with more than just our human minds, and thus once a year we are given the opportunity to focus our attention on a Holiday we know as 'Easter'.

And we engage our 'Soul Minds” ...OUR CHRIST MINDS....we are creating a Partnership of Body and Soul, aiding our human minds in more fully understanding the Process of the on-going meaning of Life....the on-going Resurrection Process in all Life.

As we celebrate Easter this year, let us extend our human/Soul thoughts beyond the Symbolism of new and abundant Life....beyond Easter bunnies and colored eggs....beyond the natural joy we associate with the end of winter and the emergence of Spring. 

Let us expand our Celebration by using the KNOWLEDGE that the Resurrection Activity we associate with Easter is, in addition to all else, the Spiritually Transformative and Transcendent Process of Soul Evolution that 'Jesus' came to demonstrate....

we, now believing it is for everyone.

I often speak of the many Ages of Man that have gone before....each age Resurrecting to a higher Knowledge of Life. In our time, we hope and pray that 'the Resurrection represented within our Easter Observances' finally brings with it the Realization of a Spiritualization of mankind....a 'Resurrection' of man’s Knowledge of who he really is and a renewed effort to live peacefully on this Earth....a rebirth of Higher Ideals...of Higher Truths regarding both human and Spiritual Life....an understanding of humanity’s real purpose.

 Finally let’s hope it means that people will accept the human/Soul Relationship in which the individual gives control back to God. All of this means believing that the Soul-us is an Eternal Filament of the Christ Mind of Greater Godness created to be the Head, Heart and Hands of God in Action on Earth. That is 'who we really are and what our Purpose really is!' It means we finally understand that 'Jesus' came to teach the Inner Reality of that Christ Mind as it acts within human activity. 

And Knowing that Greater Godness, in the Person of our Christed Soul/Self, waits to have Its Energy recognized and integrated into our physical activity....that the Christ Self is above us and works within us ....waiting for us to wake up and begin calling for the 'Resurrecting' of our Lives and the Life of the Planet, moving All Life to a Higher Consciousness.

 Is there anything on this Planet today that does not NEED resurrecting? Let us then from today... and every day....

envision ourselves enfolded in the 'Resurrection Flame of God’s Heart'....seeing that Glowing Light spiraling from the Christ Self down into the physical body and from the feet back up, through and around ourselves...returning to the Universe as a Gift of God's Light to Life everywhere....making an Easter Commitment to do this every day from this day on.

Let us each day open our minds more fully to the Highest Information Channels and often turn our thoughts to our own Mighty 'I AM' Presence and Holy Christ Self, as we send forth this Command to Life:

 Mighty 'I AM' Presence',

I invite God's 'Resurrection Flame' to flow into me and take command of my life...that I may become a Channel for Your Light and Illumination to descend to Earth....to assist all humankind as each One pursues His or Her Destiny to be free and happy in the Resurrection and the Light.

This will happen as each one Resurrects their thinking, feeling, acting and speaking....as all dedicate all they do to Almighty 'God'...as we dedicate our Lives to the Work of the Great Beings Who assist Life on this Planet.

And now at 'Easter time', we especially pour our Love and Gratitude to the Great Lord we know as our Beloved Jesus, the Christ.

Now we enter a New Age....the Aquarian Cycle....the Cycle of

 Brother and Sisterhood.

Let us continue to build on Those Mystical

 Truths of the Piscean Age as we acknowledge and work with the

 more Powerful Incoming Aquarian Christness.

 All is being 'added unto'....as Greater Waves of Resurrecting and

 Ascended Christness are flowing from out the Heavens, enfolding and

 penetrating the structure  of the Planet and all Life here....

Its Purpose....to gradually awaken humanity from its sleep of the


Its Hope....to reveal to all mankind, the Kingdom.

Here now are excerpts from two paragraphs from

'The Mystical City of God:

Life of the Virgin Mother of God, manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda', 1602-1666

 Here the Beloved Mother is describing the Resurrection of Her Beloved Son

'Then, in the presence of all those Saints, through the ministry of those Angels, were united to the

 Sacred Body all the relics, which they had gathered, restoring it to its natural perfection and

 integrity. In the same moment the most Holy Soul reunited with the body, giving it Immortal Life

 and Glory.

Instead of the winding-sheets and the ointments, in which it had been buried, it was clothed with the

 four Gifts of Glory, namely: with clearness, impassibility, agility and subtlety (John 19, 40). These

gifts overflowed from the immense glory of the Soul of Christ into the Sacred Body. Although these

 Gifts were due to it as a Natural Inheritance and participation from the instant of its conception,

 because from that very moment His Soul was Glorified and His whole humanity was united to the

 Divinity; yet they had been suspended in their effects upon the purest Body, in order to permit It to

 remain passable and capable of meriting for us our own Glory.

In the Resurrection these Gifts were justly called into activity in the proper degree corresponding to

 the Glory of his Soul and to his Union with the Divinity. As the Glory of the most Holy Soul of

 Christ, Our Savior is incomprehensible and ineffable to man, it is also impossible entirely to

 describe in our words or by our examples the Glorious Gifts of his Deified Body; for in comparison

 to its Purity, crystal would be obscure. The Light inherent and shining forth from his Body so far

 exceeds that of the others, as the day does the night, or as many suns the light of one star; and all the

beauty of creatures, if it were joined, would appear ugliness in comparison with His, nothing else

 being comparable to It in all creation.

The excellence of these Gifts in the Resurrection were far beyond the Glory of his Transfiguration or

 that manifested on other occasions of the kind men mentioned in this history. For on these occasions

 He received It transitorily and for special purposes, while now He received it in plenitude and



Through impassibility his body became invincible to all Created Power, since no Power can ever

 move or change Him. By subtlety the gross and earthly matter was so Purified, that it could now

 penetrate other matter like a Pure Spirit. Accordingly He penetrated through the rocks of the

 sepulchre without removing or displacing them, as He had issued forth from the womb of his most

 blessed Mother.

 Agility so freed Him from the weight and slowness of matter, that it exceeded the agility of the

Immaterial Angels, while He himself could move about more quickly than they, as shown in his

 apparitions to the Apostles and on other occasions.

The sacred wounds, which had disfigured his body, now shone forth from his hands and feet and side

 so refulgent and brilliant, that they added a most entrancing beauty and charm.

 In all this Glory and Heavenly Adornment, the Savior now arose from the grave; and in the presence

 of the Saints and Patriarchs He promised Universal Resurrection in their own flesh and body to all

 men, and that they moreover, as an effect of his own Resurrection, should be similarly Glorified.

As an Earnest and as a Pledge of the Universal Resurrection, the Lord commanded the Souls of

 many Saints there present to reunite with their bodies and rise up to Immortal Life. Immediately this

 Divine Command was executed, and their bodies arose, as is mentioned by Saint Matthew, in

 anticipation of this Mystery (Matthew 27, 52). Among them were Saint Anne, Saint Joseph and Saint

 Joachim, and others of the ancient Fathers and Patriarchs, who had distinguished themselves in the

Faith and Hope of the Incarnation, and had desired and prayed for It with greater earnestness to the


 As a reward for their zeal,

the Resurrection and Glory of their bodies was now anticipated.'

Now to end with the Words of the Apostle Paul to the

 Colossians: "If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things

 which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.

 Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth".

A Blessed Easter to you all

Lois J Crawford


''Christ within me,

 Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ beside me,

Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me, Christ beneath me,

Christ above me, Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,

Christ in hearts of all that love me,

Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.''

Saint Patrick


Meditate on The Christ